About Us

A business with integrity.

The Culinary Group is an umbrella company that owns and operates innovative food-centred businesses in Sydney, Australia, with an ambition to expand internationally. We curate and cultivate excellence in the culinary experience across a portfolio of businesses, cafes and restaurants.

We strive for Culinary excellence.

Culinary Excellence

Cultivating excellence in all things food by bringing together industry-leading chefs, food entrepreneurs and waiting staff to deliver a food experience like no other

Food goes social

Taking our food innovation to the world through a social-media-friendly approach to marketing and multimedia content creation centred on our businesses

Innovation via food

We think outside the box by creating innovative, new food experiences through the coming together of fresh, new ideas with timeless and tested food methods

Community focused

Our businesses are deeply integrated & involved in their communities. We work with many organisations and are dedicated to creating sustainability.

“There is no better measure of an establishment’s culture than how inclusive it is of its most vulnerable customers.”

- Bashar Krayem

Our Businesses

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Taking culinary excellence to the community through best-in-class teaching methods and some of the most experienced chefs in the industry.

Quality coffee meets priceless ambience in Sydney’s west.

Baking done the way it should be: The best cakes and sweets coupled with a revolutionary ordering process.

A first-of-its-kind in Australia, this unforgettable event will see evenings during Ramadan transformed into a culinary event like no other.