Our Businesses

World-class brands

We endeavour to create brands that are experiences for our customers. We consist of three core businesses, with many more being planned for the future.

A new direction in cooking excellence

The Culinary School is an exciting new venture that will change the way Sydney thinks about all things cooking. A cooking school open everyone from master chefs to the general public, The Culinary School is set to take our approach to cooking in a bold new direction.

Eighteen22 was born out of Bashar Krayem’s personal culinary journey. Opening his first restaurant at age 18 and then his first cafe at 22, his love affair with the culinary world was born. Experiencing the hustle of the cafe world, from that first morning coffee hit, to the laid back old school charm of restaurant life, Bashar grew a deep appreciation for both worlds.
Eighteen22 is a homage to old-school class where timeless interiors reminisce a golden age of refined tastes and desires. Cafe by day and restaurant by night, take a break from the bustle of Sydney’s streets and be instantly transported to 1822 – where time and place become new.
A new leader in cakes and desserts

The Baking Factory is Sydney’s newest and most exciting baking experience. Another Culinary Group venture, The Baking Factory introduces an innovative business model to the world of cakes.

A bold new frontier of casual dining

A new age of food court dining has arrived, where convenience meets excellence to create the ultimate culinary experience.

Pizza Pasta Grill delivers an unprecedented level of quality where the patrons experience is transformed to include premium restaurant dining, delivered within a fraction of the time – redefining kiosk culture, as we know it.

An unforgettable dining experience

Once Upon a Ramadan is an innovative new offering by The Culinary Group, being launched in Ramadan of 2021. A first-of-its-kind in Australia, this unforgettable event will see evenings during Ramadan transformed into a culinary event like no other. Tradition will meet modern life as audiences are taken back to another time and place to experience a culinary festival where ambience and aromas will come together to create special memories.

~ Launching in Ramadan 2021 ~